What Is The Easiest Sport To Bet On?

Sports betting has come a long way since the days of bookies, racetracks and pools. With advances in technology and the abundance of gaming options, sports have never been easier to bet on or more lucrative to win. Football and sports betting in general has seen a surge in popularity. And with more options, it is helpful to know which sports are the easiest bets to make. Here are the five easiest sports to bet on and why:

  1. Basketball

Basketball is one of the most open-ended games. You can bet on any player, anytime they make a shot, or even if they miss. Even the league average can be bet on. This makes basketball one of the easiest sports to bet on. You don’t have to know who the best player is to place an accumulator or big ticket bet. You can bet on almost any individual game result in a เว็บพนันออนไลน์ เว็บตรง fun88 game that has no clear-cut favorite.

  1. Baseball

The most interesting aspect about baseball betting is how much it will change with each year and each make-up of a team’s roster. A new player can make a world of difference. That is why sports betting fans prefer baseball over other sports. You can bet on almost anything in baseball, from the performance of every position to the team’s winning percentage as a whole.

  1. Tennis

One of the most popular บาคาร่าออนไลน์ fun88 betting games is tennis, and with good reason. With no set rules or uniformity like basketball, baseball or football do have, tennis players have many different ways to play the game with different tactics, styles and shot-making abilities. With that said, tennis is one of the easiest sports to bet on because there is no one way to play and no right or wrong way to play.

Sports betting

  1. Boxing

Boxing is a relatively new addition to the betting public, and it has been a hit over the last decade or so. Some of the best most successful bets in boxing are knockout bets because they are so obvious and straightforward. If you watch any boxing match, you know when someone is going to get knocked out. The same rules apply in betting on boxing. A fighter risks a knockout if he is knocked down or receives two knockdowns.

  1. Soccer

Football is the most popular sport in the world, and rightfully so. But soccer takes the No. 5 spot here because it is equally as easy to bet large on soccer as it is to bet on football or any other sport. Soccer betting can be done publically or privately, and you can bet on almost any aspect of the game, from total goals scored to every player’s skill level.